Philadelphia: find JOBS

  • Also see the listings of universities, hospitals, and other major local employers.
  • All the above sites are free. You do not need to register, subscribe, log in, or give any personal information in order to use any of them. And you can learn about the job and employer free, from most of the listings these sites provide.
  • Usually you need to enter the job (e.g: nurse; medical assistant; restaurant; software; guard — try anything that might be in the job title, description, or company information to see what works for you) and location (e.g. Philadelphia). (But for, also make sure that the “SEARCH ALL” field is set to JOBS — otherwise you might get volunteer positions instead.)
  • We suggest first using the above sites to get an overview of who’s hiring now in your area.
  • Know that the sponsored (paid) listings are different. These appear at the beginning or end of your search results, and are usually highlighted with a background color. They may be useful, but they are often a week or more old — which can be confusing if you display your search results by date.
  • Caution, the recruiting industry is full of scams. See warning by the U.S. FTC (Federal Trade Commission),

Examples of searches: nurse web restaurant dental assistant sales

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