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Search over 100 sites (below) for ideas on improving the institution of money.

For example, search for:

  • BitCoin
  • Schumacher
  • Grameen Bank
  • BerkShares
  • “Future of Money”
  • Lietaer
  • LETS
  • QQ money


1. See links to sites searched, below. These sites are prioritized by our Future Money Search Engine; however, other sites will also be searched if necessary.

2. Capitalization is irrelevant– use the same format as any Google search.

3. Unlike ordinary Google searches, the estimated number of hits is not returned — do not be confused by the much smaller number shown per page by your browser.

4.You may want to increase the number of hits shown per page, to get a quick overview. Set this for your browser at Under ‘Settings’ click ‘Search Settings’, change the number in ‘Display [?] results per page.’, then click ‘Save Preferences’ near the bottom right of the page.

Sites searched for new ideas about money:

We would appreciate suggested links to projects, ideas, news, and discussion on improving the institution of money. Let us know about websites that are missing from our list above. Mail jj [at] RepliCounts [dot] org.

Usually we do not include general financial sites (even if sometimes excellent, like Yahoo Finance) in the Future Money Search Engine, except for specific articles relevant to improving the institution of money. We don’t want get-rich-quick schemes, gambling, or news of the latest mainstream corruptions and idiocies.

You can include our Future-Money Search Engine on your site. Get the code from Google.

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