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Defensive Driving Policy Procedures COMPANY is strongly committed to a sound and thorough defensive driving policy. Why its so important in the workplace A safe driving policy helps you meet your obligations under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 HSE Act.

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The use of seat belts and shoulder harness is.

Driver policy and procedures. Driving at work Policy. While operating vehicles outside of Canada authorized drivers must continue to comply with all university policies and procedures while observing all applicable laws and regulations of their current geographical location. 4205 SUPERSEDED – Licensed driver training schools.

While operating vehicles drivers should always drive in the safest manner possible. Departmental leadership is required to become familiar with this policy and ensure that its provisions. Authorized Driver Policy and Procedures In order to comply with the Arizona Administrative Code Fleet Safety Policy R2-10-20712 NAU must institute the requirements contained in this policy.

Drivers are legally responsible for their actions on the road and for their compliance with all Traffic Regulations. Driving policies and procedures should be used to promote road safety train your drivers and help them understand road rules and legislation in order to minimise behaviours which create road risk. 1016 Policy and Procedures 27 Driving of Vans A.

-All drivers operating a vehicle designed to carry 16 or more passengers including the driver must possess a commercial. Drivers of SOAR vehicles have only one task – to drive. Specifically our drivers must operate vehicles in accordance with all provisions of this policy and obey all traffic laws as well as drive.

To make drivers aware of the main risks they face or create when driving for work 2. Drivers who violate these laws will be subject to. Policies and procedures it will give your drivers a valuable resource to keep with them at all times.

Licensed driver training schools. Driver policies and procedures are clear easy to understand and unambiguous documents which set out rules legislation penalties and areas of responsibility in relation to driving for work. This document has been made available electronically so that you can adapt it to fit your requirements.

When the driver feels capable of driving safely. Should you have any questions concerning this manual please direct them to your Driver Manager or Human Resources. Objectives of the policy 1.

COMPANY is strongly committed to a sound and thorough defensive driving policy. This is inclusive of logging regulations weight limitations speed limits and physical requirements. Obey all traffic laws.

-Driving a vehicle weighing less than 26000 lbs. If there is any doubt about a vehicles roadworthiness it should. Policies and procedures January 2021 More information Download Downloads.

Established policy provides that vehicles should be operated only When the vehicle is in good safe mechanical condition. Procedures stipulated in this company policy. Drivers must be physically and mentally able to drive safely.

Operation of the vehicle in a manner consistent with reasonable practices that avoid abuse theft neglect or disrespect of the equipment. Therefore a drivers responsibilities include but are not limited to the following. When adhered to it will so far as is reasonably practicable help to safeguard the interests of the company and the health and safety of its employees who drive in the course of their employment.

Operating an RIT vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The policy statement issued by the company underlines the absolute commitment to create and maintain a safe working environment. They shall not perform any additional functions such as behavior management navigation etc.

Conviction or a guilty plea to driving a company vehicle under the influence of alcohol or an illegal controlled substance. Drivers are responsible for reporting all defects on their vehicle which cause the vehicle to contravene regulations. Drivers must be legally licensed.

Drivers are responsible for the safe legal non-abusive operation of the leased vehicles. Ultimately a safe driving policy is about protecting your staff and your company because as any business person knows both injuries and replacing a damaged vehicle are expensive. -Driving a vehicle designed to carry fewer than 16 passengers including the driver.

Policies and procedures November 2020 More information Download Downloads. Drivers must be licensed qualifed and approved to operate specifc types of equipment. Specifically our drivers must operate vehicles in accordance with all provisions of this policy and obey all traffic laws as well as drive in a safe and prudent manner.

Policies Procedures Certification Updates Questions complaints Report an Accident when Transportation Supervisor is not available Parent complaints about bus service if not available call Kathie or Valerie Complaints about bus driver if not available call Kathie or Valerie. Drivers must report to their supervisor any accident or damage involving a company-owned leased or rented vehicle or personal. To make sure that employees who drive vehicles in the course of their work demonstrate safe efficient driving skills and other good road safety habits at all times.

Commercial Drivers License CDL -Driving a vehicle weighing more than 26000 lbs. All occupants must have seat belts fastened during any movement of the vehicle. It also explains the benefits that you receive as an employee.

The driver and must be taken on the drivers own time. Drivers must conform to all traffc laws and must maintain a safe speed and following distance with allowances made for. Cell phone use is absolutely prohibited while driving ie talking texting etc.

We have prepared this manual to help you understand CR. A driving record which becomes deficient during the course of operating a company vehicle which under certain circumstances may be grounds for dismissal. Driver does not have a valid drivers license.

All drivers are expected to operate within the limits set forth in the federal regulations and local municipal and state laws of all jurisdictions operated in. In accordance with all traffic laws signals and markings with additional consideration for. While operating vehicles drivers should always drive in the safest manner possible.

Drivers with any of the following are not eligible for Driver History Improvement. The contents of this manual are provided as information and guidance to CR. If you require any further information the road safety team can be contacted on 01274 437409.

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