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The company is committed to providing a safe healthy and productive working environment and to safeguarding the health safety and welfare of all those affected by its operations. Misconduct in relation to alcohol and drugs will be dealt with in relation to the disciplinary policy.

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16 A SU policy on alcohol drug and substance abuse is therefore necessary for the following reasons.

Drug and alcohol policy pdf. 161 it enables SU to create awareness of the harmful effects of alcohol drugs and substances. Random Any employee or select group of employees may be required to undergo drug and alcohol testing on a random day. This alcohol and drugs policy concerns every employee.

We have included two optional items shown in italics. Use of alcohol drugs and substances and the insights of behavioural science to influence the use in accordance with the aims of the policy. The possession use or sale of alcohol on company premises during work hours is strictly prohibited.

And immediately notify management if they are aware of any breach of this policy by another worker. Works for your business. This is designed as a worksheet to assist the working group in developing a policy to meet the needs of your particular organisation.

Every existing policy in a company serves a similar purpose and that is to help protect the interests of the company and its employees especially from liabilities. DRUG- AND ALCOHOL-FREE POLICY SAMPLE. This policy sets out the companys aims in reducing.

This policy recognises the inherent risks associated with drugs alcohol. This policy is based on the belief that a working environment free of drug and alcohol abuse is healthier safer and more productive for all Employees. This policy pertains to all employees of the company who have cause to be on company vessels and other properties.

DRUG AND ALCOHOL USE 1. 9 Drug and Alcohol Policy Examples PDF Google Docs Apple Pages. You can use the following sample drug and alco hol abuse policy to develop a policy that.

Key elements of the approach are education and the provision of an Employee Assistance. Under the influence means that the employee is affected by a drug. P04 Date of Rev.

The unlawful use possession purchase sale distribution or. Alcohol Drug Substance Abuse Policy FOREWORD Alcohol Substance and Drug Abuse affects all spheres of society regardless of age gender academic standard income religious affiliation or geographical location. Sample Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy.

If the Company does business in one of the increasing number of states or local jurisdictions that has declared marijuana use to be lawful under state laws though such use remains unlawful under federal law the Company should specify how. Test or is discovered to have otherwise violated this policy. Drug Council does not condone the use of illegal drugs or the misuse of prescription or over the counter medication.

Legislation of Federal and State Governments regarding alcohol tobacco drugs and safety generally. The first time an employee tests positive for alcohol or illegal drug use under this policy the result will be discipline up to and including discharge. Alcohol and drug policy SAMPLE 1 The following is an example of a workplace drug and alcohol policy.

Further the possession use or sale of illegal drugs. The emphasis is on establishing the policy objec-tives using testing as a support. Guidelines and principles To achieve the aim of providing a drug-free workplace.

DrugAlcohol Policy Purpose To establish a policy that describes the Companys expectations regarding alcohol and Illegal Drugs in the workplace. The policy has also been designed to support and work with any corresponding policy and drug and alcohol procedures adopted by contractors to nbn. The nbn policy and the supporting procedures operate as a minimum standard for nbn employees.

However one of the areas that suffer when an individual is affected by alcohol or drug is that of work output or performance. Among the general policies implemented in most companies are the drug and alcohol policy. Sample Workplace Alcohol and Drugs Policy 1.

30012020 Page 1 of 1 Balfour Beatty VINCI Joint Venture BBV is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for everyone affected by its work activities. Consumption of drugs and alcohol including prescription. DRUGS AND ALCOHOL POLICY Page 1 of 8.

Employees selected for random drug and alcohol testing under this Policy will be advised on the same day the test is required. DRUGS AND ALCOHOL POLICY 1MC08-BBV-HS-POL-N001-000002 Drugs and Alcohol Policy Rev. Random testing is conducted without cause.

Testing and an offer of assistance through an employee assistance program or health. Drug or alcohol use. Employees will be paid for time spent in alcoholdrug testing and then suspended pending the results of the drugalcohol test.

Questions have been included to create discussion and to highlight areas that will need to be addressed. This policy sets out our aims in reducing and managing alcohol and drug problems in the workplace. Where applicable this policy also concerns contractors consultants and others when operating within HM Hennes Mauritz.

Introduction This company is committed to providing a safe healthy and productive working environment for all employees contractors customers and visitors involved in its operation. Types of Testing 21. WORKPLACE DRUGS AND ALCOHOL POLICIES This booklet is an integral part of the Workplace Resource Pack on Drugs and Alcohol which has been developed as part of the Northern Ireland Drugs and Alcohol CampaignThe Pack also includes an Information Booklet for Workers and an example of a Model Policy.

Random Drug and Alcohol Tests. This policy is designed to comply with relevant legislation Scope The Companys alcohol and drugs policy applies to all employees. All employees Anyone providing patient care or services at BMC Exceptions.

Observe all directions from the company in regards to this policy. It is the policy of COMPANY NAME to maintain a drug- and alcohol-free work environment that is safe and productive for employees and others having business with the company. PRINCIPLES Council is committed to.

Comply with this policy. These costs include ill-health sickness absence reduced work performance and accidents. DRUG AND ALCOHOL POLICY 5 Workers responsibilities All workers must.

Policies for drugs and alcohol Lindsay Hadfield Introduction This chapter looks at the practicalities of implementing a drug and alcohol policy that includes testing. Drug and Alcohol Policy Document 846756 Page 4 of 6 14. Company employees will be required to submit to drug andor alcohol testing from time- to-time without advance notice.

Alcohol and drug problems are associated with a wide variety of costs for employers and employees. Drugs and Alcohol Policy. Recognise that performance of duties could be affected by alcohol or drugs.

The rules laid out in this policy apply to all employees workers and contractors. Impairment from drugs or alcohol while on the job and on-the-job use possession theft or sale of drugs or alcohol is prohibited. Council has adopted a Drug and Alcohol Policy which prohibits all workers from working or conducting Council business with drugs andor alcohol in their system in excess of the tolerance levels set out in this policy.

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